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What is Social Bookmarking? Social Bookmarking Sites List 2024 - 2025

Social bookmarking is a method of saving, organizing, and sharing web bookmarks (URLs) with other users on the internet. Instead of saving bookmarks locally on a computer or device, users can use online social bookmarking platforms to save and share their favorite web pages. These platforms allow users to tag, categorize, and annotate their bookmarks, making it easier to organize and find relevant information later.

The key features of social bookmarking include:

  • Bookmarking: Users can save URLs of web pages they find interesting or useful.

  • Tagging: Users can assign keywords or tags to their bookmarks, making it easier to categorize and search for specific topics.

  • Sharing: Users can share their bookmarks with others, either publicly or within a specific network or community.

  • Discovering: Users can explore bookmarks shared by others, discover new websites, and find content based on shared interests.
  • Collaboration: Some social bookmarking platforms allow for collaboration, enabling users to work together on building collections of bookmarks or curating content around a particular theme.

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